Is it possible to preserve our planet as intact bioorganism and at the same time create nourishing habitat for all the inhabitants of the earth?

Considering the current forecast, this vision is ill-fated. But it is still possible to break with conventions that determine our current supply situation.

The provision of food and consumer goods is getting increasingly challenging because of expanding markets with increasing standards of quality.

So far, there were no simple procedures that enable the complete use of unexploited resources, residuals and waste.

Due to the development work of GreenPlanet EnviroTec, such procedures are now existent and efficiently practicable.

By combining those innovative technologies, it is possible for the first time to perform a complete recycling of vegetable total mass.

From biogenic residuals and waste, new high-quality raw materials for  energy and nutrition are obtained. They are produced in a CO₂-neutral way with high cost-benefit efficiency, at  decentralized locations and on an arbitrary production scale.

We, the team of GreenPlanet EnviroTec, a group of experienced experts, say YES, and by the implementation of our technologies, we ensure the preservation of our habitat.


Purification of oil

To separate vegetable oils from their unwanted substances



Zero-emission generators

Generation of 100 % green electricity CO₂-neutral


Vegetable recycling

100 % recycling to fibres and proteins


Processing of biomass

100 % recycling to bio-oil, bio-gas and bio-vegetable-coal

High-grade natural wood manufacture | Austria

At a production site, it is going to be possible for the first time to

CWS & FiPro | OÖ

100 % recycling of oil plants | The first CWS plant for the production of Plantanol is going to be built in

Innovation center Wallsee | NÖ

The objective of the first GreenPlanet innovation center worldwide
is to represent the

Development center Wiesbaden | DE

At the development center Wiesbaden, small quantities of fibres and proteins are produced for test and

Living the future together

Revolutionary technologies that make us independent fellow campaigners for a continuously livable planet