biogenic fuel

Plantanol is based on 25 years of experience in the production of ecological biogenic fuels. Now in its third generation of innovative fuel, as a producer GreenPlanet Envirotec is focussed on maximum efficiency and therefore enables the production of an economically, ecologically and exhaust gas-optimised bio – pure fuel as a complete diesel substitute.

As a result of the current CO₂ issue, GreenPlanet EnviroTec has selected this product and further developed it in cooperation with Handelshaus Runkel.

Plantanol is a powerful fuel in its “third generation” as a 100% diesel substitute, and can be arbitrarily mixed with diesel in any ratio. Plantanol is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and stable in storage and cold temperatures down to -20°C. Plantanol can be used in all conventional diesel engines without retrofitting or conversion.

Advantages: Powerful & environmentally friendly

  • Versatile and universally applicable
  • Arbitrarily miscible with diesel in any ratio
  • Full power / constant consumption
  • Optimum eco – environmental balance
  • Positive CO₂ balance
  • Up to 80% less soot particles
  • Plantanol protects the environment, nature and health
  • Suitable for use in nature conservation and water protection areas
  • Resource-preserving manufacturing process
  • 100% biodegradable

Current state of the project:

GreenPlanet EnviroTec is currently planning the construction of the first Plantanol production facility in Upper Austria.

Product specification sheet