Fuel reduction | Generation of 100% green electricity

Circular is a novel, patented process. Currently, the zero-emission generator is available for 2 application areas:

1. Up to 50% fuel reduction for engines

Circular technology achieves a fuel reduction of up to 50% in engines by using water and a very special exhaust gas recirculation system. Harmful exhaust fumes are thus reduced to a minimum.

2. The production of 100% green, CO2-neutral electricity

If this technology is used with the fuel “Plantanol” that we have developed, it is possible to produce 100% green electricity.

The advantages

  • Harmful exhaust gases (CO, HC, NOx) are negligible
  • Technology can also be used on existing engines by retrofitting
  • Decentralised, self-sufficient, inexpensive power supply via generators
  • 100 % green and CO₂-neutral electricity
  • A revolutionary and boundless market

Current status of the project:

The Plantanol is currently undergoing performance & emission tests. After completion of this test phase, the test phase of the Circular & Plantanol combination will follow.

The Circular technology is an innovative patented process that enables the utilisation of almost 100% of the exhaust gas energy of combustion engines. The exhaust gas is led into a mixing tank via a special heat exchanger. The gas generated in this tank is then directly transported back to the combustion chamber of the engine via the heat exchanger (reactor). The remaining exhaust gases can hardly be detected by conventional measuring instruments.