Apurification of oils | to separate vegetable oils from their unwanted accompanying substances

CWS (Cold Water Separation) | Worldwide patented process for separating vegetable oils effectively, decentrally and without heating from their undesirable accompanying substances.

Inferior oils that are not suitable for consumption also become a valuable raw material through CWS. This technology gives us for the first time an optimal basic raw material for our biogenic heating and fuel Plantanol.

Plantanol is a biogenic CO₂-neutral heating and fuel. It can be mixed and used as a 100% diesel substitute with conventional diesel in any ratio.

The purified oils are tasteless, stable in storage and free of trans fatty acids. Other areas of application are the food and cosmetics industries.

The advantages:

  • odorless and tasteless
  • stable
  • free of trans fatty acids
  • can also be used for low-quality oils
  • freely scalable plant size
  • mobile and decentralized use

Current status of the project:

Laboratory quantities for test purposes are already available. The engineering for the first production plant has already started at the Perg site. Product available from Q4 2020.