Earth’s problem

Is it possible to preserve our planet as an intact bio-organism and simultaneously create a nourishing habitat for all earthlings?

In view of the current forecasts, this vision is in poor shape.

The provision of food and consumer goods is becoming increasingly challenging as expanding markets globally increase the demands in terms of quality.
What is currently lacking are simple procedures that allow unused resources and residual materials to be fully utilized in a profitable manner.
Thanks to the development work carried out by GreenPlanet EnviroTec, such processes now exist and can be implemented with a high level of efficiency.

GreenPlanet EnviroTec

By combining innovative technologies, it is now possible to fully recycle total plant matter for the first time. CO₂-neutral energy and high-quality raw materials for food are produced from biogenic waste materials. These are produced with a high degree of cost-benefit efficiency, at decentralised locations and in a manner on any production scale.

We, the GreenPlanet EnviroTec team, a group of experienced experts, respond to the above question with a firm “YES” and ensure the preservation of our habitat by implementing our products.

The Art to save the Nature and earn Money sustainably.

You are convinced of our business idea and products.

We offer you the unique opportunity to participate.

We have developed the GreenPlantCoin for this. With your investment in the GreenPlanetCoin, you have a solid investment with excellent prospects for a good and sustainable performance.



Cold Water Seperation (CWS)

For the purification of vegetable oils and the extraction of valuable ingredients

An innovative method of separating raw materials and waste oils from unwanted accompanying substances. It enables the production of high-quality edible oils, all the way to a 100% CO2-neutral motor fuel & heating fuel.


Low Temperature Cracking

A unique process for fully processing biomass to bio-oil, bio-gas and bio-vegetable carbon. With this technology, the full recycling of plant residues from agriculture and forestry is economically viable.


Fibers & Proteins

An innovative manufacturing process of high-quality, calorie-free dietary fibres and tasteless proteins, consisting of 100% plant-based raw materials. Ideally suited as a vegan supplement and for the food and animal feed industry.


biogenic fuel

As our cooperation partner, Handelshaus Runkel developed the first fuel based on vegetable oil. Working together with GreenPlanet EnviroTec, this fuel was further developed and will be launched on the market shortly.

GreenPlanet – Sites

GreenPlanet EnviroTec’s headquarters for planning and communication is located in Lower Austria/Amstetten. The locations of the development centres for the individual technologies are currently being planned and constructed. The completion of the individual facilities is scheduled for 2020. Below you will find more detailed information on our development & production sites.

CWS und FiPro

New site in Perg: This site on is currently under construction. The start of production is in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Development Center Wiesbaden

In the Wiesbaden development centre, small quantities of dietary fibres and proteins are produced for testing and analysis purposes using FiPro technology.

Living the future together

With revolutionary technologies we develop CO2-neutral energy and food products for the protection of the environment and the preservation of our living space.