Vegetable waste recycling | 100% utilization for fiber and proteins

FiPro (Fibers and Proteins) | Innovative patented technology to obtain high-quality calorie-free fiber and tasteless proteins from plant residues and waste materials from industrial food production.

The raw materials are mixed, heated, pressed and dried in an aqueous solution in several process steps. The resource-saving process is easily scalable in plant size and can be used worldwide.

We use it to produce high-quality foods and supplements with fewer calories. The fiber content is thus increased – this has been shown to have many positive effects on our health.

The advantages:

  • For the first time, energy production is not a contradiction to food production, but an addition
  • tasteless and vegan
  • Additive for everyday food
  • reduces the calorie content by up to 50%

Current status of the project:

Small quantities have been produced at the Wiesbaden location since July 2019. A container solution is currently being implemented so that medium production quantities can also be created. Industrial production is expected to take place at the Perg site in Q4 2020.

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