Processing of biomass | 100% recovery to organic oil, organic gas and organic biochar

LTC (Low Temperature Cracking) | The method for the continuous thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste residues to high-quality, environmentally friendly energy sources and soil nutrients.

LTC is a closed process in which the biomass is processed without residue in bio-oil, bio-gas and bio-biochar at low temperatures.

The raw materials obtained are largely used for the self-sufficient operation of the plants. With this technology, a complete utilization of plant residues from agriculture and forestry makes economic sense.

The advantages:

  • 100% use of the wood
  • The organic biochar is refined into a high-quality soil additive.
  • The bio gas is used to generate heat, which is required for drying the biomass.
  • We use the bio-oil as an additive for our biogenic fuel and plantanol.

Current status of the project:

The project was launched in September 2019 together with BEST (Bio Energy and Sustainable Technologies). This involves research into wood oil processing and vegetable carbon. The project execution takes place at our location in Weyr.